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The bells from St Mary's Bocking
The left hand side bell was made in 1870
the right hand one in 1634.

The Organ and Altar
The organ made by Hugh Russell dates back to 1806
and was first played in St Runwald's Colchester
by coincidence on St Clement's day 23rd November.

Brass rubbing of church patron Humphrey Heies
on the left and his son Humphrey who died a year
after his father the patronage was handed to his
sister Katherine Redinge (right)The brasses
above are replicas of the originals.
The originals were returned to the church
in 2014 (see story on the home page)

Brass rubbing of church patron Katherine Redinge

Sir Christopher Holford and His Wife Mary
These alabaster effigies lie in the north chapel

The Font From All Saints Church Grays

The Old Church Doors
Dating from the 13th century they fitted the
north and south doorways.

Saint Hugh of Lincoln
This carving by Sir Charles Nicholson was rescued
from all Saints church Grays. St Hugh was born in
Avalon in c1185. He is known for excommunicating
the future King John during the reign of
Richard the Lionheart and for refusing to grant
money to support Richard's wars.

From the the side show the different building styles.
In recognition that St Clement was the patron
saint of sailors the weathervane is a model of
the first Ark Royal which was owned first by
Sir Walter Raleigh then by Queen Elizabeth I

The Mass Grave of the Boys From The Training
Ship Cornwall
Were buried in the churchyard after the disaster
which overtook their rowing boat in 1915

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